How to Clean your MicroFiber with a STEAM MOP!!!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

Today is the first day of school and with the weather slowly changing to Fall, I have had the overwhelming feeling to get some of my Fall jobs done.  One task that has been probably the most dooming for me is cleaning my MicroFiber Couch.  We have had this couch for 10 years and its been through hell and back.  Several moves, pets, raising two kids and 10 years of every day life! It was looking pretty bad!! I am in no position right now to go out and purchase a new sectional and after searching high and low for some sort of slip cover (no luck), I decided it was time to figure out a way to clean this poor couch…

I had seen on Pinterest many different ways of cleaning MicroFiber and I  had tried different ones in the past and did not have any luck with them.  A few days ago I saw one of the amazing gals I follow on Instagram, with a couch in as bad of shape as mine and she was steam cleaning it.  It looked brand new by the time she was all done!  I don’t own a steam cleaner but I do own a Shark Steam Mop – – and that got me thinking…why wouldn’t it work just as well???

I decided to do a test spot on the back of the couch and to my surprise…it worked like a charm!!

To begin the cleaning process, I will introduce to the cast of characters that I used…

Shark Steam Mop

MicroFiber Steam Mop Cleaning Cloth

1 Part Vinegar – 3 Parts water in the Steam Mop

White Rags


You will be using the white rags after you steam the cushions/couch to really deep clean the stubborn spots.  I opted to use white so that there was no color transfer to my couch & cushions

Once you have your vinegar and water in your mop, your microfiber cloth on the mop…its time to get to work.  I would advise doing a test spot in an inconspicuous spot to make sure this will all work for your furniture.

I simply placed the mop right on top of the cushion and got the steam rolling.  I held it there for approx. 20 seconds, keeping the steam going to it and just kept working my way down the cushion.  I did half a side of a cushion at a time.  Once I had it damp with the steam, I would stop with the mop and give the cushions a good cleaning with my white cloth. If there were stubborn spots I would apply a little more steam and clean again with cloth.  Once I was happy with the stains being gone I would finish the other half of the cushion.  I did one side of the cushion at a time and once I had one side clean, I took them out to my nice sunny, warm deck and left them to dry.  They were dry in about 20 mins. Once they were dry, I brought them all back in and repeated the process on the other sides.

Another part of the my couch with the most stubborn of stains was the arms of our sectional…once again, I placed the mop right up onto the arms of the couch and poured the steam to it.  Got it nice and damp and then cleaned with a clean white rag.

Here is a before & after picture!!

This whole task took me approx. 3 hrs and it was worth every minute.  Our couch looks brand new again.  It also warms my heart that I was able to give new life to something i had very little hope for!!! LOL!  Hope this little “How To” is helpful to you and I would love to hear how this housekeeping trick worked for you!!

Have a Great Day All!!!






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