Food for Thought

With the ever rising prices of food in Canada and the economy in the tank…feeding your family has become a seriously daunting chore! For me, it has become almost a full time job flyer shopping and trying to score the best grocery prices I can find. 

I am still mind blown EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I enter a grocery store. The prices are disgusting. Sometimes I visit 2-3 stores in one day to gather everything we need and pay as little as possible. 

All that being said, I have developed this “hunter gatherer” mentality. I have become resourceful. No food goes to waste. Every left over turned into another meal. Buying meat that I can turn into freezer meals. My grandma was the most resourceful woman I ever met and lived through the most challenging of times. She made it through it all because she was smart and not wasteful. It takes some of the stress away developing this constant thought process. 

Which leads me to one more resource that I couldn’t live without! The latest cookbook from my girl – Ree Drummond (aka The Pioneer Woman) I resonate with her in more ways than one! She lives in the boonies and far from a grocery store just like me. She has very hungry men to feed just like me, she is super resourceful and aside from her amazing meals…her quirky sense of humor rocks!!! 


Keeping a stocked pantry is ESSENTIAL!  In her latest cook book, in the opening pages, she listes her essential stock for her pantry, fridge, and freezer. 


Don’t laugh at all my bookmarks — I am not lying when I say this cookbook gets a workout! 😜 

These are ingredients you can always keep on hand and make damn near anything! Obviously I buy my any of my stock for the best price possible or at case lot sales as they come around. And I refer to this list every single time I head out to shop to keep it all stocked. It’s an amazing system and keeps my stress level down knowing I always have what I need to make meals. (Especially in the winter dealing with blizzards, bad roads and not being physically able to even get to the store). As well… I am saving big bucks not driving back and forth to the grocery store constantly for ingredients, sticking to my list needs and my budget!

If you ask yourself how many times do you run to the store for this or that and end up spending double if not triple on stuff you don’t need? An example of this for me was needing a dozen buns for pulled pork supper a few weeks ago! I wasn’t driving a half an hour for a dozen buns!!! No friggin way! So I had all the ingredients on hand to make cheddar biscuits and had them made from scratch in 20 mins and they tasted a MILLION times better!! No waste of gas & money on a silly trip to town and my family got homemade healthy meal all around! 

What resourceful, budget friendly tips and tricks do you use to feed your family? 


2 thoughts on “Food for Thought

  1. amymorrisjones says:

    I love your bookmarked cookbook, for the record! You’re right about food prices. I tend to buy odd things every now and then–my effort to travel through food–which really sends the price high. I suppose there are worse indulgences to spend money on, though! Nice site!

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