Things that make me HAPPY! 

In all the economy turmoil around us, it can be really easy to focus on the stress and uncertainty we are all faced with. Having chatted with several friends through the weekend, it became so clear to me that all these daunting feelings are effecting just about everyone I know. Because when the oil & gas sector of this province is in the tank, it is cyclical and begins to effect every person eventually. A total domino effect. 

I decided to start my Monday off appreciating all the things that make me happy. There are still many blessings in my life and I am choosing a grateful heart and to appreciate the little things! 

One of the things that makes me the very happiest is COFFEE!! Silly as it may sound, I am that person who goes to bed excited to wake up in the morning to a damn good cup of coffee…Especially fresh made coffee in my French Press!!! O-M-G


Now I will admit I am little bit of a reality tv junkie…but not in the Housewives kind of way. I get pure joy out of Chip and Joanna Gaines on Fixer Upper and my girl Ree Drummond – The Pioneer Woman.


  Mostly because they just speak to me in a way! I live 30 minutes from town so my girl Ree has taught me so much about cooking, stocking a pantry and living out in the middle of nowhere. And Joanna’s style whispers to me on every.single.level! And what’s not to love about Chip?!!! He is a riot!! I never miss an episode of either show and find myself watching repeat after repeat! 

DIY projects, building furniture and home decor pieces where I can channel some of my inner Joanna Gaines also makes my heart swell! With all the amazing tutorials on Pinterest and the help of my hubs…we have been able to create some amazing pieces for our home and customers and it makes me just SO proud of us. The Hubs and I built this farmhouse dining table in September… 

And last but certainly not least…these little boys I get to spend my days raising make me the HAPPIEST!  The chaos and craziness is more than I can take some days…but their successes, quirks and the joy they bring me is worth ALL OF IT!! They’re our reason for everything. I pour my heart and soul into my family and I have never found better happiness! 



Would love to hear your comments on what makes you HAPPY!!  




2 thoughts on “Things that make me HAPPY! 

  1. libbyvine says:

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful family.
    Things that make me happy- coffee- me too! I love it .
    My pets- greeting me when I come home
    Scented candles burning
    Books- always make me happy
    Watching my Daughter do Gymnastics- makes me feel very proud and happy


    • ravenjaneluxe says:

      Thank you SO much for your nice message! 🙂 Those are all wonderful things to make you happy!! Kids really do just give you such a sense of pride and make your heart swell don’t they?! Hope your having a wonderful day! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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