Making it Through Tough Times in Alberta

imageAs so many of us in the Oilfield life in Alberta know, things are beyond daunting. In the past year, my family has been uprooted and moved to another area of the province, my hubs has thankfully kept his job (so far), but he has been through rounds of layoffs, pay cuts and just damn hard times. There is nothing easy about this! Our money needs to stretch much further than it ever has, the stress and heart break of seeing your friends lose their jobs is sickening and the uncertainty day to day is almost more than one can handle.

Even with all of that constantly weighing on your mind, you have to keep pushing forward. I have to support my husband in his weak times. I have two little boys who need stability in our new life here and shouldn’t ever have to worry about the uncertainty of our province or the oil patch

Instead of dwelling and worrying, I have had to stay busy. I have become creative in adding a little extra money each month to our family. My husband and I have taught ourselves how to DIY and build furniture or home decor pieces out of our garage which gives us a little extra cash. We already had most of the tools from previous home renos so we got to work finding DIY Plans on Pinterest and here are a couple of creations that have brought additional money into our home!




I have learned to grocery shop better. With the rising costs of food, a small example of things I have changed is I decided to make meat a side dish instead of a main dish. I flyer shop every week for the best sales and deals in our area. And more recently, I became an Independent Consultant with Rodan & Fields and I work a few hours a week on my business with the support of some amazing women on my team and am able to bring a little extra cash into our home.

While all of this doesn’t seem like much, it’s been enough to get us through each month this past year. My hope is to give anyone feeling the way we are, that a few small changes can add up to getting through. I am fully prepared to have to continue tweaking our life each month to make it all work,  but I will do just about anything to get through this horrible time. We literally take it one day at a time…and I am trying to see the lessons in this, rather than the hardships!



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