I have totally become one of those people who sees something laying in the corner of the yard of my husbands work, and thinks to myself “Oh what I could do with that!”. These thoughts have started to rub off on the hubs too! He is starting to see all the potential I see and is quickly becoming as creative and eager as I am! Win win!

I have been itching to get my hands on a cable spool like the one pictured below and turn it into a coffee table…


Enter a caption


These are very common in our area (we live in a very industrious area) and we were able to get our hands on a few of them! Hauled them home, tore them down and you can make 4 tables out 2 of them. Obviously I don’t need 4 tables so we have made what we needed for our home and sold others.

After a lot of sanding, steel wool sanding and some TLC it is simply amazing how “other people’s junk” can become a beautiful conversation piece in your home!

Here are a few pictures of a couple we have done! Enjoy and feel free to ask any questions on how to create your own table!


Dark Walnut Stain with water based Polyurethane in Satin finish and 4×4 legs.


Dark Walnut Stain with Oil based Polyurethane finish in Satin


Dark Walnut Stain with Black Iron Pipe legs



3 thoughts on “

  1. Amanda says:

    The spool coffee table is beautiful! Im going to be making one and was wondering if you could explain exactually how you put the 4x4s on for the legs?!!


    • ravenjaneluxe says:

      Hi Amanda! We attach all of our furniture legs with a Kreg Jig and pocket holes. The Kreg Jig is a tool that helps you hide your screws for assembly. Hope that helps πŸ™‚ Have fun making your table!!


  2. Jessica says:

    Hi! I am asking my fiancΓ© to make this for me because we already have the spool and stain and I see that you were able to angle the 4X4s, are the legs attached to each other and then secured to the top? And how did you attach the legs together?


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